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  1. Van Gogh

Hier ein paar Tipps zur Verarbeitung von Kimberly Affleck:

I work this glass very hot. VERY hot. After adding the glass to the mandrel, I heat it until the 1st 1/16th inch or so is completely clear, shaping the bead while I am heating. I am using a neutral to slightly oxidizing flame when I am heating it up.

Then, I take the bead out of the flame and let it cool, rotating the mandrel to help keep the shape. I cool it until I see a amber/orange color bloom on the surface. At this point, sometime I add a little clear encasing (just in spots) then take the bead back to the flame and gently heat and marver the clear encasing in using a neutral flame.

Out of the flame again, cool again. Add more clear (sometimes I don't), then back to the flame again for another gentle heat.

Each heating and cooling regime will give you a different tone or tint, from deepest blues and purples all the way to rosy creams and tans.

If I am adding any goldstone or other fun stuff, I usually add it in the first step after I shape the bead and before I cool it.

If you end up with a yucky tan bead - just start over with a screaming hot reheat!

It is fun glass to work and after you play with it a while, you will begin to be able to control what color you get. When you first get your Van Gogh, plan on using up a rod just palying with it and figuring out the glass. FUN STUFF!